Drone Deliveries Are Real? The Future Is Here Folks!

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81-year-old Susie Sensmeier received a purple vest from Dicks Sporting Goods earlier today, and get this, it was delivered to her yard by a DRONE!

While drone deliveries and other technology innovations are no longer new concepts, many people think of them as something that will happen “in the future” or “not in my lifetime”. The surprise comes when you realize that it’s happening right now. It’s coming to your front door, quite literally.

Susie Sensmeier was certainly surprised when she said: “I didn’t think I would live that long or it wouldn’t come in my lifetime, I’m thrilled.”

Wing, the company performing the drone deliveries, received federal approval earlier this year and hasn’t wasted any time in beginning trail runs. They’re currently doing tests in Christiansburg, Virginia, partnering with Walgreens, FedEx, and a local gift shop to deliver packages to residents.

While this is their first test in America, Wing has already been operating in a trial capacity in Australia. They’re starting off small – keeping their drones to a four-mile radius from Wing base, even though the drones are capable of flying 12 miles round trip.

While Wing was the first company to receive Federal Aviation Administration approval for drone deliveries, UPS was also approved earlier this month and is performing trials in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The absolute craziest thing about these drone deliveries is the time between order placement and order delivery – sometimes being as little as under four minutes. This makes coffee, yes coffee, one of the most popular delivery items as its still hot when it gets to your door.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t notice any drones in Back to the Future. It seems like we should see flying cars and Jaws 19 being advertised. In any case, it’s 2019, drones are delivering packages, the iPhone 11 is here, and while the future may have arrived back on October 21st, 2015, we can safely say it’s here to stay.

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