Ben Sasse Calls Out Cancel Culture After San Francisco’s Latest Travel Ban

San Francisco has a lot of issues.  Homelessness, poop-covered streets, sky-high rent and housing prices…

Okay, San Francisco has one problem, and it’s liberal governance.

Instead of working to fix its own troubles, however, San Francisco’s leaders spend their time judging others.  Most recently, San Francisco has instituted a travel ban on 22 U.S. states based on those states’ abortion laws.  The city also declared a ban on entering into new contracts with companies headquartered in those states.

Senator Ben Sasse, whose own state of Nebraska is included in San Francisco’s ban, hit back against the city:

“Progressive cancel culture is dumb,” Sasse said in a press release.  “Most Nebraskans, like a whole bunch of Californians, are pro-life and want to reflect our pro-science, pro-woman, pro-baby beliefs with common-sense laws.  Folks in San Francisco are free to disagree, but it’s childish to try to shut down a big cultural debate.”

“Pro-lifers aren’t out to silence the other side – we believe in persuasion,” he continued.  “San Francisco progressives can throw a tantrum – Nebraskans will continue to act like grownups.”

Senator Sasse is right.  Shutting down the debate is not progressive and it’s not helping this country.  But the far left isn’t actually progressive or interested in making this country a better place.  The far left doesn’t care about intellectual debate or persuasive arguments – they care about claiming the moral high ground and silencing their opponents.

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