Army Vet Challenges TSA to 10 Push Ups Before Boarding Flight

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Lt. Col. Maggie DeSanti is a bamf.

Before boarding her flight, the 84-year-old former Army nurse decided to show off a bit, and challenged a TSA agent to do 10 push ups with her. Which she did.

DeSanti, who rappelled from helicopters to treat wounded soldiers during the Vietnam War, showed off her muscles on camera while she performed 10 full push-ups without stopping, all while dressed in her uniform, FOX 10 reported.


For reference: I, a 23-year-old writer/bartender, who has never rappelled out of anything, let alone into a war zone, managed 5 push ups before my shoulders started popping uncomfortably and I gave up. They still hurt.

DeSanti was on her way to board an Honor Flight, which took her and other veterans to visit Washington, D.C. at no cost. I hope she has an amazing trip. I hope one day I can meet her, or if not, grow up to be a little bit like her.