Felicity Huffman Federal Prison Sentence For Bribery of Daughter’s SAT Score is “Injustice” According To Alec Baldwin

Oh alright, the rest of us peasants will just deal with the normal sentencing for CRIMES.

“Alec Baldwin believes it is an injustice for actress Felicity Huffman to spend 14 days in federal prison after paying a $15,000 bribe to cheat on her daughter’s SAT scores.”

See, that’s the funny thing about college. It’s expensive AND you still have to put in the work to get in, accomplish your degree, and graduate. Honestly, she should’ve just saved her bribe money and pissed it away on her kid’s inevitable failure. After all, if the potential student doesn’t have what it takes to even get in to the college, I doubt he or she would last very long any ways.


Awe, the poor cheating, bribing, wealthy woman got caught. Give me a break. Even just the issuance of a fine would be pocket change and a silly story to share at Christmas dinner.

I don’t care what color your collar is, a crime is a crime is a crime.

I feel significantly worse for whichever student was booted because of this hot bundle of bear sh*ts. Someone who ACTUALLY worked hard to earn the score to get in to a prestigious school, perhaps even scholarship opportunities.

You simply can’t put a price on intellect… not that hers is worth very much to begin with, having thought this stunt was going to go unnoticed.

What a beautiful example she’s setting for her kiddo though, huh?

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