Beto Advocates To Protect Society By Disarming Society – Because American Citizens Don’t Break The Law

It’s astounding how blatant truths can be so easily overlooked. Or neglected. Whatever adjective you think is most sufficient.

Some examples –

“Safe” abortions.

“Illegal” citizens.

“Law-abiding mass shooters.”

…just to name a few.


Here’s a quick overview –

Beto – “Our fellow Americans will follow the law, yes.”

Camerota – “By definition, mass shooters don’t follow the law.”

Beto – “Well we should do the right thing.”

That’s cute. So introspective.

It’s quite sad how much energy he’s placing on disarming citizens while attempting to depict this do-gooder attitude to safeguard society.

Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens won’t stop CRIMINALS from obtaining guns to commit violence.

Heroine is illegal, Beto. It’s still rampant in communities. If there’s a will, users will find a way.

How about you just let sleeping dogs lie and leave the Second Amendment alone? If guns became outlawed and someone is willing to commit a crime against me with a gun he or she managed to steal, I would much rather you stay out of my safe and let me handle it with my Constitutional right to do so.

Furthermore, at the root of it, the gun isn’t the issue – the individual’s desire to kill is. A gun would certainly make it easier and quicker to accomplish their goal but it would be equally easier for the victims to defend themselves with one as well.

Committing harm doesn’t give two turds about the law.

Feel free to watch a snippet here –

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