When Will General Michael Flynn Be Exonerated?

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I was getting so excited about Friday, but seriously, is the IG Report delayed again until the end of this month? In the pursuit of truth and justice, let’s hope it happens, and soon. It’s now October 16, 2019, and the world knows that Russia-Gate was a complete hoax – NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION, COMPLETE AND TOTAL EXONERATION. Most sane people understand that fact by now.

Most sane people also understand how the deep state cabal put General Flynn through 2-plus years of hell, actually make that excruciating hell. So much so that I’m choosing to go longer-form than usual on this topic, it’s an important topic that runs DEEP and deserves more attention than the media’s given it.  Flynn was framed by the Mueller Special Counsel prosecution team, and the Judge, Emmett Sullivan who threatened jail time, all in the name of the Russia Collusion narrative.

You know, THE “RUSSIAN COLLUSION” that was JUST THAT, A FALSE MEDIA NARRATIVE. AS FOR MEDIA NARRATIVES: How can anyone listen to the mainstream media frauds out there who continue to interview corrupt asshats (enter Comey, McCabe, and BullSchiff to name a few) — ALL OF WHOM tried to put Flynn in jail SO THEY COULD PULL OFF THE RUSSIA COLLUSION HOAX? Well, it’s beginning to look like the world is about to witness, yet another FAILED HOAX.

Recent truths regarding General Flynn’s case have developed into an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT STORY – now conveniently ignored by the media. Despite the same press jumping all over the “Flynn-Is-A-Russian-Agent” narrative like a pack of rabid starving hyenas, back in 2016-17.

THIS IMPORTANT UPDATE ON FLYNN’S STORY WAS BURIED a couple of weeks ago BY THE HOAX THAT WAS THE UKRAINE WHISTLEBLOWER. But not to worry, as Saint Augustine once proclaimed: “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, wrote a letter to Attorney General William Barr in early June outlining her belief that the government targeted Flynn for “concocted and political purposes” in order to “take out” President Donald Trump.
“She also made several requests, including for Barr to replace the prosecution team on the case and to determine “when, how, and on what basis the first investigation of General Flynn began.”
“We believe there is specific evidence of that fact. He was the tip of the spear aimed at President Trump.”

FLYNN’S STORY is a story of the egregious government misconduct. It is a COMPLETE AND TOTAL HOAX, and IT IS BIGGER THAN WE CAN IMAGINE.

I’ll be honest; I’ve been following Flynn’s story for nearly two years. The prosecutorial case against General Flynn is complicated and confusing and challenging to track. Such confusion is very likely intentional — with mass hysteria created by cabal cronies; the truth tends to be more challenging to uncover, but not for the incredible Sidney Powell. Sidney Powell is a rock star. I knew from the moment she became Flynn’s legal counsel that she would soon become a Wonder Woman of liberty and justice and truth for all.

So what is the WHY behind all of this? WHY was Flynn prosecuted to begin with? I’ll give that explanation a shot, and I’ll try my best to explain it in the most straightforward description possible – one that even a fifth-grader might understand.

To cover up their crimes and take down Trump, the corrupt cabal that is the D.C. SWAMP, and their media minions, first had to frame and silence Flynn. They attempted to do so via an endless pursuit of false Russia-gate narratives and SpyGate related “insurance policies.”

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Comey and McCabe and team ambushed General Flynn – they framed him, they threatened to “destroy” his son if he didn’t agree to their terms, and prosecutors even pressured Flynn to lie.  

Mueller’s special counsel knew Flynn was innocent. They knew he was NOT “an agent of Russia” as early as December 2017, but they held onto that evidence — and to this day that exculpatory evidence is still being held back.

The humbling part of this story is that if these cronies could do this to Flynn, (and they almost got away with it), they could do this to each and every one of us.

Watch this video via Hannity, from September 10, 2019:

I believe that in this life, the best heroes and heroines work hard and strategize quietly in the background. Sidney Powell (aka Wonder Woman) has become one of my favorite heroines. She’s over the target, pure and simple, and she is helping defeat the D.C. swamp, for General Flynn, and all of us. Whether you can see it now or not, Flynn’s case affects us all.

I have a feeling that Sidney Powell (and Michael Flynn) will help expose much more about Spygate. Flynn’s sentencing date is scheduled for December 18, 2019. Will his charges be dismissed? Will he be exonerated?

I’m secretly hoping that in advance of his sentencing date, the IG report, which is apparently as “thick as a telephone book,” and due out (now) by the end of October, might dismiss Flynn from all corrupt SpyGate based prosecutorial charges. Wouldn’t that be some awesomesauce?

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Let freedom ring, with liberty and justice for all.