Hunter Biden – A Poor Victim Of The Elite

The lack of interview effort made my body physically ache.

“So you haven’t received any funds from that business deal?”


“Oh, alright.”

I would bet my left armpit that he just might be lying. It’s just a hunch. I should probably FACT CHECK MYSELF. LIKE SHE SHOULD HAVE DONE WHILE INTERVIEWING HUNTER. Maybe in the same breath where she was mentioning fact checkers!

“Basically, it looks as though Hunter claiming not have made one cent off the China deal is like a CEO claiming he was not paid one cent to run a company because his compensation came from stocks or bars of gold or pearls or the gift of a home. But the fact is this: any deal that increases the value of the company that Hunter Biden has a stake in — and a $1.5 billion deal with a bank owned by one of the world’s biggest economies does just that — is a deal where Hunter Biden has a financial interest.”


This whole interview is your quintessential dance around the question without ever answering it, but providing a response that has similar verbiage to masquerade as a sufficient answer.

Take a look for yourself –


As if he’d really just explicitly state his own guilt on television anyway? We all know he’s been well versed (at least by his father, if anyone) as to how to properly dodge questions with ambiguous answers.

How to successfully lie to a gullible crowd? Manipulate the technicalities of the subject matter you’re presented with. We learned this style of lying once we were old enough to reach the cookie jar.

Then check this clip out –


What a poor victim of the elite. Give me a freaking break. Lemme guess, your diamond shoes are too tight.

Privileges have privileges and he milked that cow all the way to the … rabbit hole, apparently.

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