Judge Kemp Receives Cruel Backlash After Hugging Amber Guyger

So you mean to tell me that, just because Judge Kemp gave Guyger a hug it suddenly means that the judge is biased?

…Is that before or after establishing her sentence?

“The judge who oversaw Amber Guyger’s murder trial says her family is concerned for her safety given the backlash she received for hugging the killer cop and giving her a Bible.

Judge Tammy Kemp faced harsh criticism after she embraced Guyger earlier this month in the moments after the Dallas cop was convicted of murdering her neighbor Botham Jean.

Kemp has repeatedly defended her decision to hug Guyger given it became one of the more controversial moments from the high-profile murder trial.”

The primary aspect of all of this that’s really boggling my mind is the fact that the judge is being condemned for showing compassion, yet the people expressing hatred by death threats feel justified? That’s quite the opposite end of the spectrum to be on.

“’I was turning to exit and I saw Ms Guyger.’

Kemp said she told Guyger that she wanted her to live a purposeful life, which is something she does with every person she sends to prison.

Kemp said Guyger asked twice if she could hug her and, after a moment’s hesitation, the judge wrapped her arms around her.

‘Ms Guyger asked for a hug… I don’t think any human being would have refused her,’ Kemp said.”

I’m tellin’ ya, you could be the ripest peach in the world and there’s always going to be someone who hates peaches. You can’t please everyone. However, even the brother of the victim decided to give Guyger a hug to express compassion and forgiveness.

This circumstance is incredibly unfortunate, but outrage over shared compassion amongst multiple parties in one courtroom (WHICH INCLUDED THE FAMILY) shouldn’t need defending. Guyger is convicted and will serve the time that she deserves by law. End of story.

After all the business and legalities are over, we’re all still people at the end of the day.

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