CNN Event Interrupted By Their Own Lefty Activists

When do you think the best time is to shout, interrupt, and protest? During the questioning of a Democrat presidential candidate, of course!

However, what I found really interesting, and pretty unusual, is the fact that a CNN event was being interrupted by lefty activists. Oh, how the tables have turned!

Oh, you silly lefty-loons, don’t you know you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you?

““Trans people are dying!” yelled transgender activists who interrupted an audience member asking Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg a question, during the CNN LGBTQ town hall in Los Angeles, on Thursday.”

Last I checked, studies show that trans people die from their own hands at much higher rates than being murdered for being trans. Neither of which are okay, I must add.

Anyhow, this is how Anderson Cooper chose to respond to this disruption –

“It’s okay… it’s okay… yo, guys chill out! Guys, relax! Relax!” said host Anderson Cooper, who then expressed sympathies with them: “Let me just point out there is a long and proud tradition and history in the gay and lesbian and transgender community of protest and we applaud them for their protest.”

“They are absolutely right to be angry and upset at the lack of attention, particularly in the media, on the lives of transgender[s].”

Do they really think that no one is paying attention to them?! The White House itself was lit up like a freaking rainbow to honor their community, they have parades for how they choose to get laid, AND they’re continuously interrupting civil events! We wouldn’t be able to NOT hear you even if we tried. Just because it isn’t the topic of every conversation doesn’t mean we are negligent of the issue all together.

Mom – “Hey, honey! Does the chicken taste alright?”

Oppressed LGBTQWXYZ – “I mean, it would taste better if it was the color of the rainbow. It’s like you don’t even care about what I go through every day.”

Mom – “… sooo is that a no?”

Excuse me while I physically have to move my face with my own hands so it doesn’t get stuck in resting b*tch mode. CNN weakens all of my poker face abilities.

Please feel free to watch the footage here –

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