Planned Parenthood Wants To Spend $45 Million To Snatch The Senate From Republicans — No Pun Intended

Coming from the same individuals who claim their birth control isn’t affordable and somehow that’s Trump’s fault (under Obamacare… but, I digress) but purchase p*ssy hats in the same breath without any fight the cause, I guess.

Obviously the best way to convince your audience is by contradicting your own pronouncement. Hope your p*ssy hat is doing a wonderful job collecting dust or holding flowers or whatever.

Anyways, you read that right – Planned Parenthood apparently wants to spend at least $45 million in an effort to win over the White House and grasp the Senate back into the talons… I mean hands… of Democrats.

““The stakes are higher than ever, and we’re coming out more powerfully than ever with the largest investment we’ve ever made,” Kelley Robinson, executive director of Planned Parenthood Votes, told the Hill.”

First of all, let’s follow the math here – $45 million dollars from a nonprofit??? Just to throw at a campaign, I might add. Therefore, realistically (and logically) they shouldn’t need government funding, certainly not our tax dollars. Keep in mind, Medicaid reimbursements to Planned Parenthood make up $500 million of their annual funding. Also, I thought their party line was that they weren’t political?


“To all the politicians working to take away our rights and undermine access to health care — you’ve been warned,” Robinson said. “We have steadily been building our power over the last decade and we are ready to set the table on our terms. We are fired up, we are engaged, and we are going to win.”

ALSO (one more question, guys), if their whole spiel proclaims that they try sooooo hard to reduce the rate of abortions and encourage healthcare, why not utilize that lump sum of money to increase efforts towards birth control and corresponding education? That would be healthCARE, not this health AVOIDANCE they’re advocating for just because it makes their wallets happy. Ya know, to purchase all the p*ssy hats this world has to offer.

Last I checked, it doesn’t take pissing away $45 million in order to be politically active.

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