Parents Sue Creators Of Fortnite Because Their Minor Children Became Addicted To It

I bet you’re waiting for me to say, “Just kidding!” Ha… I wish. I really do wish. Read here for further details of the case.

Is it really shocking that there is no other stimulus comparable to that of screens? Social media, television, phones, computers, games… literally everything involving screens is created and consistently updated with the knowledge of how the brain works. Yes, that includes addiction because, if you weren’t a hooked consumer, you wouldn’t continue purchasing the crap. You also wouldn’t be sharing how “enticing” the product is with your friends and family in hopes that they will purchase it too.

“Two Quebec parents are suing Epic Games, a video game developer known primarily for their game Fortnite, over allegations that Fortnite is “as addictive as cocaine” and that Epic Games is targeting children with its marketing.”

Suggesting that your minor children (I’m assuming they’re minors, otherwise we’d have bigger fish to fry than I thought) are addicted to something that you have full authority to, I don’t know, TAKE AWAY FROM THEM, is stupid.

“Montreal law firm Calex Légal brought the class-action suit against Epic Games to the Montreal Court of Justice on October 3 after being hired by two parents with children aged 10 and 15, respectively, that they claim are addicted to Fortnite. (Calex Légal provided a copy of the lawsuit to Reason.)”

So. You bought the game for your children and didn’t manage the rules and regulations in YOUR home with YOUR children with YOUR money, and somehow that’s the creator’s fault?

Maybe we should start suing Halloween for giving our children cavities. Perhaps the companies who make the candy as well. Heck, let’s sue ALL stores that SELL candy!

You get a lawsuit, and YOU get a lawsuit – EVERYONE GETS A LAWSUIT!

“According to the lawsuit, the 10-year-old (referred to as LN) played approximately 1,800 matches of Fortnite in seven months and spent CA$600 on “V-Bucks,” and the 15-year-old (referred to as JZ) played more than 7,000 matches of Fortnite over the course of a year (that’s nearly 20 matches per day), and stays up until 3 a.m. on the weekends and 1 a.m. during the week in order to play the game. The suit claims JZ spent between CA$300 and CA$400 on in-game purchases.

The plaintiffs allege that these aspects of the game (the opportunity to spend real-world money and the timed challenges that encourage frequent play) coupled with the game’s cartoonish graphics indicate both Epic Games’ awareness of Fortnite‘s addictiveness and the company’s targeting of children.”

Ohhhh. Okay, so the children just started pooping money.

Wait, that’s not possible?! Hmm. Must have gotten access to money some other way…

I’m gonna take a stab and just guess it was the parents who neglected to properly regulate how much access their children had to their funds. I could be wrong. But I’ll be happy to wait for someone to prove me wrong. Any takers?

I literally have a password system established on my daughter’s device that must be input before ANY AND ALL purchases. Just saying.

“Unfortunately, game companies are increasingly being blamed—and in this case, sued—for issues that better parenting could probably solve.”


If your child is upset about regulations, well guess what? Later, they won’t be. Like I tell my daughter, “You learned attitude from me, kid! I’M THE QUEEN. BRING IT ON.” …only kind of kidding.

OR if your child continues being mad and having attitude, he or she should lose privileges. Plain and simple. Part of being a parent requires actually spending quality time with your kids and not shoving screens in their faces (or YOUR faces, for that matter) just because you don’t feel like talking to them. Teach your children how to manage their emotions, their behaviors, and understanding the disconnect between real life and videogames/movies/social media.

You signed up for the job, dillhole.

Your write-up for putting forth piss-poor work as a parent? The bill from not taking accountability for your child’s unsupervised micro-transactions at 3:00am.

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