Elizabeth Warren Wants To Provide Back Pay For Illegal Aliens… Because Stealing From The System Is Hard Work

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BACK pay… to ILLEGAL aliens…

Let that sink in. Take as long as you want, I’m gonna brew a pot of coffee.

Okay, gnarly. I just have to break the law in order to make some money from the very organization I’m stealing from. Beautiful. What could go wrong?

“As part of Warren’s “Empowering American Workers and Raising Wages” plan, illegal aliens who have worked illegally in the United States — sometimes by stealing Americans’ identities and Social Security numbers — would become eligible to receive back pay for their previous work by amending the National Labor Relations Act.”

We may as well just place a giant red target on their backs. However, Elizabeth Warren isn’t utilizing this statement as a ploy to crack down on illegal immigration, much like luring a mouse with cheese. No, no, she’s simply encouraging it.

“Today, there are at least eight million illegal aliens holding American jobs in the U.S. economy that would have otherwise gone to American workers and legal immigrants. In most cases, these illegal workers obtain fraudulent work authorization documents or steal American citizens’ identities in order to take jobs.”

What about back pay to the American citizens whose tax dollars have been overwhelmingly exhausted to counter the inevitable cost of the illegal immigration?

FFS at least give me a picture of the family I’m taking care of so I can put it on my fridge. SOMETHING. I just want a keepsake for my good deeds (albeit, forced good deeds, but I wouldn’t expect them to care much for technicality).

Warren stated:

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“Ensuring employers can’t exploit undocumented workers and drive down standards for all workers: The 2002 Supreme Court case Hoffman Plastic Compounds v. NLRB held that an undocumented worker could not receive the back pay he was owed from an employer who had violated the NLRA. That 5–4 ruling is wrong and denies millions of undocumented workers redress for illegal firings or other retaliatory conduct by an employer. The case encourages employers to hire undocumented immigrants and exploit them in numerous fields, including construction and manufacturing, which could lower wages for all workers. I will fight to amend the NLRA to end this form of exploitation and ensure that all workers are protected.”

So, I’m not even sorry that I’m laughing as hard as I am right now…

PLEASE tell me you caught that – UNDOCUMENTED WORKER WAS ILLEGALLY FIRED. WHAT!? Pretty sure two negatives cancel one another out. Even a simple math equation can tell you that much.