5 Simple Questions That Utterly Destroy The Democrats’ Ukraine Whistleblower Narrative

Okay, so I certainly don’t have all the answers on Ukraine, but I have PLENTY OF QUESTIONS.

Since day one of the Ukraine Whistleblower narrative cycling a new round of Dem-Wit-Media Impeachment Drama in mid-September, my BS radar went WAY up.

And now, this latest evidence from John Solomon confirms that I have a pretty good radar on BS.

Let me start with five questions:

1.  WHY was there an investigation into Ukraine MONTHS AGO?

The US Government was aware in FEBRUARY, 2019 — BEFORE PRESIDENT ZELENSKY WAS ELECTED — that the Ukranian Government was planning to reopen the Burisma investigation.

2.  WHY (in April 2019) did 73% of Ukrainians vote for Zelensky so he could fulfill his promise of ridding Ukraine of corruption?

Zelensky, (a Ukranian Comedian) won their recent Presidential election by a landslide because Ukrainians wanted him to snuff out the wide-spread corruption that had taken over their country. Is it me, or does this seem to be the story that our media should now be focusing on?  But instead, I think they probably wish it would go away.

Ironically, none other than the Vox covered this back in April:

“There’s been a desire for a new face for a long time,” Melinda Haring, a Ukraine expert at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC, told me before the election. “It was clear the people wanted someone without the same baggage and connections to political dinosaurs.”
“Zelensky represents what Ukraine wants to be”
“Zelensky, 41, made his name on Servant of the People, a comedy program that you can watch on Netflix in the US. It follows the life of Vasyl Petrovych Holoborodko, an everyman schoolteacher who unexpectedly becomes president and takes on the nation’s oligarchs. The actor wants to do the same thing — but now in real life.”
“It’s probably not surprising that such an unconventional candidate ran an unconventional campaign. He held few big rallies and rarely spoke to the press. Instead, he mainly toured the country with comedy troupes to perform in skits and make audiences laugh, experts told me. But he leveraged social media to directly connect with voters and make his pitch.”
“And so now a Ukrainian comedian who entered an election to take on the entrenched corruption in his country will be the next president. It sounds like a joke, but it’s reality.”

It looks like Zelensky is Ukraine’s version of Trump, and the “swamp-draining” phenomenon seems to be happening in places well beyond the U.S.

3.  WHY is the media now refusing to ask questions about the DNC and their 2016 activity in Ukraine? Watch this cute little video is from TWO YEARS AGO. 

4.  WHY is the media now attacking one of the most respected AND REAL journalists of our time, John Solomon? 

5.  WHY would Devin Nunes now have evidence that a State Department official has been spying on multiple journalists (including John Solomon — who happens to be THE BEST investigative reporter on Democrat involvement with — YOU GUESSED IT — Ukraine?)

Not sure about you, but I have a pretty good hunch that Obama/Biden Administration’s Ukraine-related corruption is a Pandora’s Box that the Dems (and their media dim wit pals) are fighting hard to keep locked up.  Try as they might, it is becoming pretty clear to me that they’re losing the fight.

There’s a very fitting quote that sums it up:

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”
― Saint Augustine

I could go on “questioning the narrative” all day, but I won’t.  “What’s The Rest Of The Story?” Part 2 will follow soon.

/to be continued

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