Well, That’s Cute — Hillary Still Claims She Won The 2016 Election

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Oh sheesh, it’s like we have to treat her as though she’s a six-year-old pretending to be a doctor. Ya know, because they’re not fully developed yet.

“Yes, honey, this cough could sure use your expertise! As a matter of fact, I DO need a shot in my knee! WOW I feel so much better now!”

(Why does any comparison between Hillary and a child make it seem like I’m insulting the child?… oh wait…)

Except the child, after play time is over, doesn’t need further convincing that he or she is in fact not a real doctor.

“Two-time failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton falsely claimed on Tuesday that she beat President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election and repeatedly teased that she may run again in 2020.”

Does she honestly believe she’s being cute? Put a pig in a dress all you want, I guess.

Anyways, remember this classy little number? If not, I’m SO happy to remind you –

It’s all fun and games until Hillary isn’t picked for the team, with the sore loser response of suggesting that Americans who didn’t vote for her must be white nationalists, sexists, and racists. Keep stomping your feet and slamming doors, Hil.

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