Trey Gowdy Is Baaaaaack, Impeachment Update, And Have Y’all Heard Of Cutetitos?

Daisy, Co-Founder

Y’all – Trey Gowdy is lawyering it UP again.  This time for President Trump, and I can’t wait to have his badassery back in full force.  He has been missed.

Also – this impeachment stuff has become a back and forth game between Trump and Pelosi, and if I have to bet on who’s-gonna-hold-out-the-longest, my money’s on Trump. I can’t WAIT for John Durham to dig up ALL THE DIRT on these jackhats.  Can. Not. WAIT.

Karma’s a bitch, dontchaknow.

On a more pleasant note, Christmas is coming (no really!  It is!), and my sweet baby girl wants a Cutetito this year.  That’s right – a stuffed puppy wrapped in a stuffed burrito.  If that’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard, than your heart may already be cold from too much politics and you may need to check it.  For real.

I wish SO BADLY that I would’ve thought of Cutetitos myself, because they’re around 9 bucks a pop, and little girls want these things like crazy this year.  Who am I kidding?  MOCK wants one of these OMG:

Mock’s just irritated that there’s no Meerkatito.

Anywho, we had 1600 folks in our Facebook Live this morning, y’all!  That’s a record for us.  I don’t know if Zuckerberg just wasn’t paying attention (he must’ve been vacationing away from his alien pod) or what was going on, but we were thrilled.  If you’re one of our regulars, thank you – we APPRECIATE YOU.  And if you’re a newbie, WELCOME.

Hope y’all have a wonderful hump DAAAAAAAY.

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