President Trump Shares The Hardest Thing He Has To Do As President… And My Heart Hurts

My heart hurts.

I will always, always, ALWAYS give credit where credit is due.

President Trump isn’t usually the best speaker and he often oversteps boundaries, sure. But when he genuinely feels for his people, you can feel it too.  His conveyance of such a touchy subject is nothing short of beautiful.

PLEASE watch this touching video –

In my own personal opinion, educated or not, I think Trump’s decision to relocate our troops to a (hopefully) safer part of Syria is commendable. He is still supplying the aide of our military presence without overstepping and without risking more lives of our troops. Our troops have been training other troops out there for years – but training isn’t meant to be indefinite.

Our troops aren’t abandoning them; they’re just taking the training wheels off a tad.

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