Kanye West: “Republicans Set The Slaves Free”

Kanye West is fascinating, and I need to talk about his latest and compelling movement of political and spiritual transformation.

He announced last week that he will only be making gospel music from now on, and his days of making secular music are done. Kanye is a born-again Christian.  He’s proclaiming that he “came out of the darkness into the light” — and he wants to share it with the world. Just this week, Kanye’s Pastor was interviewed by hotnewhiphop.com when he shared how the rapper “Was Tired Of Running From God.”

Kanye’s pastor recently said in an interview with hotnewhiphop.com: “The first time I talked to him the first Sunday in June, he told me, ‘I got radically saved five weeks ago.’ I said, ‘Kanye, what happened five weeks ago?’ He said, ‘I was just under the weight of my sin, and I was being convicted that I was running from God, and I knew I needed to make things right, so I came to Christ. I came out of darkness into the light.’ Read the full article and listen to the podcast with Kanye’s pastor, here.

WATCH HOW LAST WEEEKEND Kanye held a Sunday Service in Salt Lake City when he mentioned how social media slows the brain down and how Republicans set the slaves free:

Kanye’s message about Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans setting the slaves free is accurate.  Recently when helping my daughter with her homework, I was enlightened to read (in her Non-Common-Core history book) the facts detailing the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War. It outlined clearly what not enough people understand.  IF the “Radical Republicans” of Civil War-era could have convinced President Lincoln to follow their lead with the Reconstruction, THEN equal rights for the African Americans would have likely happened much sooner than the 1960’s.

If he keeps it up, Kanye’s message might help more and more Americans understand this vital part of history:

It seems evident that Kanye’s story will continue to thrive and fascinate many, including celebrities such as David Letterman. Listen to Letterman’s fascination with Kanye here.

“People who are truly strong lift others up.  People who are truly powerful bring others together.” – Michelle Obama
Reflecting on Kanye’s 2018 SNL appearance when fellow celebrities mocked him for his opinions on Trump, I remain entirely intrigued by Kanye’s story. I’m excited to see what’s next for Kanye’s journey from “dark to light.”
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