CNN Offers Safe Space For Millennials To Freely Whine

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

YOU GUYS. WHINERS REALLY ARE WIENERS! OR WEINERS… (for the spelling Nazis out there…)

Oh, CNN… the bedrock of complaining, I wish I could say I’m the least bit shocked.

“On Monday, CNN advertised a new site that would be available for millennials to complain how their lives were harder than their parents. CNN tweeted, “Are you a millennial who feels like it’s harder to get ahead than it was for your parents? The data shows you’re not alone. Tell us your story at [email protected]””

Excuse me while I roll my eyes into another friggin’ dimension, holy hell! This is real life…

So let me get this straight – the rise of social media has become a catalyst for how difficult the lives of millennials are… so CNN suggests turning TO social media to complain… about social media… *facepalm*

 “Later in the same article, CNN did millennials’ complaining for them, lamenting, “Though millennials’ experience varies widely by demographics, geography, and politics, they’re a generation shaped by experiences like the Great Recession, high levels of student debt, and the rise of social media.””

Quite frankly, we all have a safe space (gag) to complain… we call that our bedrooms. Or the livingroom. Or literally any other room inside the cozy solitude of your home. Perhaps to friends or family… or alone in your car. *shrugs* I’m no expert, nor do I proclaim to be, but complaining inside your own head is very safe as well.

 “CNN was apparently loath to compare millennials’ problems with the Greatest Generation, which fought World War II, experienced the Great Depression, and felt lucky if they could go to college.”

Well isn’t that precious. Thank God they spared the feelings of those who really dealt with adversity beyond all comprehension. Perhaps those who died in World War II are turning JUST SLIGHTLY in their graves, just enough so the whining millennials can manage just fine with their minimal accountability.

So let’s embrace the reality of some facts, shall we? Read below.

“Bank of America’s 2018 Better Money Habits Millennial Report pointed out that those born between 1981 and 1997 are doing just as well or better than older generations when it comes to money management and career confidence. Among the findings: 63 percent of millennials are saving, 59 percent feel financially secure, and 73 percent of millennials who have a budget stick to it every month, or most months.”

I’ll just sit here and stroke my nonexistent beard.

Hmm. So it’s really NOT that bad?! Must not be, since Hasbro is creating a MONOPOLY GAME FOR MILLENNIALS (I’m not even lying)… ya know, to make sure everyone remains light-hearted about their claims of being broke while sipping on a $7.00 Starbucks drink…after justifying the purchase of a board game to prolong their complaining. At least they’ll be laughing about it. I will be too, but for very different reasons.

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