Bernie Sanders’ Daughter-In-Law Dies Of Neuroendocrine Cancer

This is horrible. 

According to the sourcelink, Bernie Sanders’ son’s wife, Raine Riggs, died this past Saturday, just days after Bernie suffered a heart attack.  Raine was just 46 years old, and was only diagnosed with cancer two days prior to her death.

She was married to Bernie’s son, Levi, who you may recall tried to win a New Hampshire congressional seat back in 2018 (and failed).  They have three children.

Raine went to Brown and Harvard, and was a director of behavioral medicine at Dartmouth, in addition to owning Riggs Geriatric Psychology in Vermont.

Daisy and I poke fun at Bernie Sanders a LOT on our show – in fact, Daisy does the best Bernie impression EVER, and we have zero interest in him becoming president, but we hate to see his family suffer this kind of loss.  Raine was way too young, and her kids were way too young to lose their mom.

Condolences to the entire Sanders family.


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