AOC Defends the Term “Prison Abolition.” And My Brain Is Broken.

First, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., planned to ditch the Electoral College. Then it was ICE and Homeland Security. Now she wants to abolish prisons and release all the convicts because incarceration is mean and sucky. Like slavery.

Well, bless her heart.

“Mass incarceration…evolved from the same lineage as Jim Crow, American apartheid, & slavery.”

She said this in response to a tweet from Chelsea Handler, of all people. And apparently, she believes everyone in prison is black. And innocent. So…is she racist, or just naive?

“A cage is a cage is a cage. And humans don’t belong in them.”

How poetic. But that’s where you’re wrong, dear. I covered the crime beat for a local newspaper and reported on many humans for whom, in my opinion, a cage is too good.

Troy Dale Terry, a guy with a rap sheet about a mile long, held a female jail officer hostage. He made petty demands of her fellow officers while raping her from behind a solitary-confinement door. Michael Dean Overstreet stalked Kelly Eckart, a bright 18-year-old college girl, and followed her as she left her Wal-Mart job. He stopped her on a dark country road, kidnapped her, brutally raped her, strangled her with her own overalls strap, and dumped her body in a ravine. A shy little girl I will never forget picked her own safe name – “Sparkles” – for a story that never got published about child molesting.

Terry is still in a correctional facility. He’ll be sitting there for a very long time; his earliest possible release date is June 23, 2094. Overstreet was sentenced to death, but a judge found him not competent to be executed due to voices and delusions in his head; he also believes he is already dead. I never learned the disposition of the “Sparkles” case.

Rapists. Murderers. Child molesters. Those who steal lives, damage souls, and destroy innocence are the ones who would benefit from AOC’s misguided “just alternatives to incarceration” plan. Not the rest of civilized American society.

Tell you what, AOC. Talk to the jail officer’s husband, or her angry fellow officers. Have a heart-to-heart with Connie Sutton, Kelly’s grieving mother. Sit down with “Sparkles” and her stunned parents. Maybe they can convince you that prison abolition and decarceration are about the stupidest ideas you’ve ever had.

Oh, and by the way: All three of those scumbags are white.

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