ACLU Hosts Annual Fundraiser. Get Your Tickets Now to Help…Antifa?

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Portland, Oregon is hosting 2019 Uncensored, its annual art show and fundraiser, this month. Be sure to attend – get a couple of drinks, eat some tacos, and help whiny protesters sue cops for doing their jobs.

The fundraiser, which showcases “unique and socially conscious” posters about free expression, provides resources for lawsuits such as the ones currently being brought by members of “anti-fascist” groups. These people claim they were injured on August 4, 2018 by Portland Police Bureau officers…in riot gear…with “military-grade weapons.”

Well…Boo freakin’ hoo. Hold up. Let me just get a box of tissues.

Did they expect the cops to show up dressed in their jammies, firing Nerf guns? Sorry, but grow up. That’s not the way real life works. If you threaten the peace, or become violent during a so-called “peaceful protest,” you can and should expect police officers to neutralize that threat to others in your community. Pronto. It’s kind of what we pay them to do. Not to pat you on the head and let you throw your dangerous tantrum.

The lawsuits fail to mention that the protesters are blaming police for injuries sustained after they ignored – or conveniently didn’t hear – orders to disperse during the protest-turned-riot. That’s correct. Officers told the crowd to leave when it got out of hand. Loudly. With megaphones. If you didn’t hear them, protesters…tough. It’s not their sworn duty to take each of you aside and ask nicely, one toddler at a time.

From what I’ve read about that particular protest and about Portland in general, the police did an outstanding job that day. They used their authority – and the city’s bridges – to keep the far-right demonstrators and left-wing protesters apart, effectively handling what could have been a violent skirmish.

These officers were able to do their jobs because they are trusted and backed 100 percent by Portland Police Chief, Danielle Outlaw. She describes her views on trust and authority in her TED Talk, “Policing in America: The Road to Reconciliation.”

“It’s the authority that we receive from the community we serve in order to even be effective…If we’re trusted, you’ll give us authority. If not, you won’t.”

But law enforcement officers across the nation are allowed increasingly limited authority to simply do their jobs. Someone is putting less faith and trust in them…but who?

Surprisingly, a Pew Research Center study conducted in 2018 found that most Americans trust police officers. If public confidence in law enforcement is so high, then why do groups like the ACLU malign them for doing their jobs? Why does the mainstream media portray police as the brutal fist of an authoritarian government? And why aren’t these same members of the media more concerned with the rising law enforcement suicide epidemic?

Hmmm. Kind of makes you wonder whose side they’re on.

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