According To Newsweek, Tanning Salons Are Probably Targeting Gay Dudes And Giving Them Cancer.

Wow.  Anyone else remember when Newsweek wasn’t ridiculous?  No?

Yeah.  It’s been a while.  These days, they publish garbage like this.

According to Newsweek, tanning salons are apparently more likely to be in neighborhoods with lots of gay dude couples, and so “scientists” are worried that gay dudes are being targeted, and therefore at a higher risk of getting cancer.

Neat.  Now do Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods and let us know what the “scientists” say.

According to census data from 10 different cities that have the largest LGBTQIASTRUVXYZ populations (LA, Chicago, San Fran, Seattle, San Diego, Dallas, Phoenix, DC, Portland, and Denver) tanning salons were two times as likely to be found within a mile of a neighborhood where 10% of homes were made up of gay couples, in contrast to areas of less than 10%.  And this was irrespective of income, ethnicity, or the number of young women in the area.  Stanford University researchers have already determined that gay dudes are more likely than straight dudes to use tanning beds AND to get skin cancer, and obviously if they’re conveniently located close by to a tanning salon, then the problem is exacerbated.  And this particularly study didn’t even include tanning beds OUTSIDE actual tanning salons (like in gyms or hotels.)

Can we just pause here for a moment to recognize how utterly ridiculous it is that this was even the subject of a study?

One of the authors of the study said it’s “unclear” if the tanning industry is targeting gay dudes on purpose but added that it’s “definitely something she is very worried about.”

If you’re a person living in the United States today and you are somehow unaware that using tanning beds increases your chances of getting skin cancer, what color is the rock that you live under?  That’s like not being aware that cigarettes contribute to a higher risk of lung cancer.  HELLO.  These risks are well documented.  Even tanning salons are required to have warnings and whatnot.  It’s not gonna stop people from tanning, just like warning labels on cigs aren’t going to stop people from smoking.  But can we stop pretending like gay men are somehow victimized by this in any way?

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