Welp, Here We Go Again – Donald Trump Ordered By Federal Judge To Provide Eight Years Of Tax Returns

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Here we go again, folks! Or, perhaps, here we are… still going! … Yup, still.

If all else fails, let’s go back to square one and re-hash old crap in hopes anything comes up differently because – woke left logic (using the word ‘logic’ next to ‘left’ made me throw up in my mouth a little bit… even more than the term ‘woke’).

First and foremost, let’s get this straight – there is no legal or Constitutional requirement for a President, or presidential candidate, that compels the release of personal tax information to the general public. However, for some godforsaken reason, in light of “moral duty” (please sense the heavy sarcasm), everyone attempting to catch Trump making a boo-boo of some sort has developed a very compartmentalized short-term integrity for ONLY his tax returns. What a bunch of angels, huh?

Let’s shout something from the rooftops, shall we? TRUMP HAS ALREADY RELEASED WAY MORE THAN ASKED. Upon his release of information, within the framework of required FEC disclosures, he released 1000+ sources of income, a list of all 465 companies that he was an executive of, and so much more than any ol’ tax return would have revealed on its own.

“A federal judge in New York has ruled President Donald must turn over eight years of tax returns and comply with a subpoena in the latest legal turn that could ultimately provide information about the president’s finances.

In doing so, Judge Victor Marrero turned aside the argument put forward by Trump’s lawyers that he is immune from prosecution while serving as president.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office had subpoenaed the returns, both Trump’s personal returns and those from the Trump Organization as part of its wide-ranging investigation.”

What are we, a bunch of archaeologists trying to dig as far deep as possible in hopes that we will unveil some ancient detail about Trump that is finally embarrass-able?? The Trump tax form release earlier this year showed absolutely nothing new.

“DA Cy Vance’s office obtained a grand jury subpoena for Mazars USA, Trump’s longtime accounting firm, seeking the information, and the firm has acknowledged in court it has return information in its possession.

Vance’s office is probing the Stormy Daniels payoffs and whether they constituted a campaign finance violation that could implicate the president.

The DA is also probing payments that American Media Inc. made to Playboy model Karen McDougal during the 2016 campaign. Both women claimed they had affairs with Trump, which he denies.”


So, Hillary Clinton deleted thousands upon thousands of e-mails after receiving a subpoena, and suddenly everyone has a case of selective amnesia.

…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

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