Kamala Harris Roasted at Her Own Event

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Of all the lessons my mother has taught me, “Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to” is one of the ones I cherish the most.

Unfortunately for Kamala Harris, no one seems to have imparted that piece of wisdom to her.

While speaking in a dialect that couldn’t be more patently foreign to her, Kamala says to the crowd, 

“I’m at the stage of the campaign where I’m kinda like, you know, ‘I’m just gonna engage in real talk; I don’t want to waste your time with anything else. Let’s just have some real talk. So, real talk. In this election, in this election, in the last couple, I mean couple of months, certainly few weeks there’s this whole conversation that has been coming up about electability focused on our campaign. Is America ready for that?”

“NO,” came the resounding answer. 

And Kamala ARGUED about it: “Well, yes they are,” she says, before the clip ends. 

Allow me to “engage in real talk” with you, Kamala. First of all, no one says “engage in real talk.” Second of all, the same people actually want you to be president. That is, no one. Please go away.