Ilhan Omar Files For Divorce …From Which Husband?

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Alright, Ilhan. Let’s start acting like you’re a human being like the rest of us (and that’s me being generous) and climb down from your pedestal a bit, shall we?

You may be asking which husband she divorced now. I know I did. It’s quite difficult to keep track, so here’s a breakdown

“Timeline of Omar’s Marriages:

1997: Omar and her family settle in Minnesota after fleeing war-torn Somalia

2002: She marries Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi in a religious ceremony but it is not recognized legally. The pair go on to have two children.

2008: She and Hirsi separate. Because the marriage was never recognized by law, neither is the separation

2009: Omar marries Ahmed Elmi in Minneapolis

2010: He enrolls at North Dakota State University to study fine art and lives with Omar as well as her first husband

2011: Omar claims she and Elmi split this year and he went back to the UK. She reconciles with Hirsi

2012: Omar and Hirsi have their third child.

Elmi is still in the US according to college officials and social media

2013:  Elmi starts working in London

2017: Omar divorces Elmi

2018: Omar marries Hirsi in a civil ceremony

2018: The marriage is brought up during Omar’s campaign for congress

She denies it and it is largely ignored because of the lack of proof around it

July 2019: President Trump thrusts the rumor back into the spotlight

July 2019: reveals Omar and Hirsi have separated and she’s moved into a penthouse apartment also reveals Omar’s secret relationship with her married aide Tim Mynett

August 2019: Tim Mynett’s wife files for divorce, claiming her husband had professed his love for Omar

October 2019: Omar formally files for divorce from Hirsi”

When you have to toggle back and forth and practically write out a color-coded diagram of someone’s relational patterns, go ahead and click your highlighter cap back on – you’re not crazy *pats on back*.

Omar marrying her brother has never been proven and it is nearly impossible to confirm or deny this rumor due to the scarce and/or nonexistent nature of records from their war-torn country. However, maybe it’s just her and her brother doing some things? SO MUCH EWW. But that was a joke I’m quite proud of. Let’s carry on.

“Despite both being Muslim, the ceremony was conducted by Wilecia Harris, a Christian minister. ‘If they had gone to an imam he would have almost certainly have known if they were related,’ one Somali leader in Minnesota said.

That marriage lasted just two years but it was enough to allow Elmi to study alongside his new wife at North Dakota State University.

Records suggest that Omar, Elmi and Hirsi all lived together for at least part of that time.

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Omar then had a third child with Hirsi in 2012 and in 2015 she filed a joint tax return with him — even though she was still legally married to Elmi.

She finally divorced Elmi in 2017 and married Hirsi in a civil ceremony the following year.”

Uhmmm… I’m sorry, WHAT?! I don’t know what their temperament is like, but there’s no way in hell I’d live with my ex and his new wife… not if the love was authentic, anyways…

Well that sure raises some questions, doesn’t it?

“In August, after reported that Omar had been seen holding hands with Mynett at an out of the way bistro in Los Angeles  and spending time with him, his wife Beth filed for divorce.

Spurned Beth also revealed her fears that her husband’s affair could have been going on for the past year in the nine-page divorce filing.

Both Somali-born Omar and Mynett, 38, refused to discuss the fling after multiple sources confirmed it to DailyMailTV.

Beth, who has a 13-year-old-son with Mynett, describes in the papers how her cheating partner made a ‘shocking declaration of love’ for the leftist firebrand.

He is also said to have taken their son to formally meet Omar at the Mynett family’s favorite restaurant in Washington, D.C., when the reproductive health expert was out of town.

Despite being named in the Mynetts’ divorce proceedings, Omar continued to dodge questions about her tangled private life.”

Cue the music…


Gloves are off, sweetheart (calling someone an endearing name when you’re being a weenie is the best sort of condescending there is, don’t ya think?).

Anyhow, I’m not saying I’d be totally surprised if I see Omar act all self-righteous still, because that’s just how she is. But I’ll be damned if I don’t comment on it. I have to contribute my due diligence, as well. Ya know, for the people.

“’Although devastated by the betrayal and deceit that preceded his abrupt declaration, Plaintiff told Defendant that she loved him and was willing to fight for the marriage,’ the divorce filing states.

‘Defendant, however told her that was not an option for him. He provided no other explanation for his sudden change of heart.’

After their relationship was revealed, Omar was accused of illegally using campaign cash to pay for her ‘lover’ to travel with her.

According to records, Omar paid Mynett’s company more than $250K in consulting fees and travel expenses within a year, records show. Around $21,500 was solely spent on travel expenses.”

And we’re still supposed to be solely focused on Trump providing his tax returns on the grounds that he exercised a campaign finance violation… double standard, much?

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