The Most Miserable Cities in America Probably Won’t Surprise You

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Planning a move? Business Insider has given you a handy list of 50 cities to avoid, on account of being so dang miserable.

Using census data from over a thousand US cities, the research took into account things like population change, median income, employment rate, poverty rates, commute times, and healthcare access. The result of this number crunching is that Gary, Indiana really, really sucks to live in. It’s followed by Port Arthur, Texas, and Detroit, which makes me really, really worried about people in Gary and Port Arthur. How miserable do you have to be to be more miserable than Detroit?

What won’t come as a surprise to anyone (least of all Donald Trump), though, is that California has the most miserable cities in America with ten cities in the top (or should I say bottom?) 50. That’s 20% of the list. In ONE crap hole state. Who saw that coming, besides literally everyone?

New Jersey comes in second, with nine cities in the top 50, and Florida rounded out the top three with six.

Business Insider explains,

Often, these cities have been devastated by natural disasters. They’ve had to deal with blight and with high crime rates. Economies have struggled after industry has collapsed. These cities also tend to have high rates of addiction.

By all means, take a look at the entire list– if for no other reason than to see a representative picture of a city other than its skyline or some fountain. They look really, really miserable.