The CW Television Network Tries To Out-SJW ITSELF With Its New Batwoman Series.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Our own Paralethal submitted this commentary on the new Batwoman series from the CW network, and I LOLd at it.

Movies and TV shows based on comic books aren’t for everyone.  I get that.  I happen to be a fan.  Earlier this year, Hannah told us about the new Batwoman series from CW network.  In it, actress Ruby Rose, who considers herself to be a gender fluid lesbian, will play Batwoman, who is also a lesbian.  They’re even going to open up the series with a lesbian kissing scene in the first episode.  (Side note, I actually think Ruby Rose is totally hot other than all the ink and the not-being-sure-if-he-wants-to-be-a-male-or-female thing).

CW continues to have “hold muh beer” moments, though, when it comes to trying to out-SJW itself.

Today, I learned that none other than Rachel Maddow has also been cast in the show.  (Barf.)  She’s been cast as Vesper Fairchild, a radio talk show host who had a relationship with Bruce Wayne.  According to (whose clickbait I loathe with a passion):

“It appears Maddow’s version of the character won’t actually appear onscreen — at least as of now. Maddow’s role is expected to be recurring throughout the first season.”

Like I said, at least Ruby Rose has looks going for her.  Maddow?  Seriously?  We’re supposed to believe billionaire Bruce Wayne would want to tap that?  Ok, I don’t usually go after someone’s looks but this is just a ridiculous casting choice, and obviously one made simply for the purpose of further virtue-signaling.

As you can imagine, this show has just alienated a bunch of people who were willing to look past the lesbian part (because let’s be honest, there are plenty of conservative guys who have no problem watching two chicks make out).  And Maddow’s fans think she’s a frigging rock star.  The articles I’ve seen about this all call Maddow a “hard-hitting journalist” which makes me laugh.  At least there’s that.  I need to laugh, because the country has gotten so partisan, I can’t even watch TV without this garbage.

I feel you, Paralethal.  And I still can’t tell the difference between Rachel Maddow, the chick who hunts for Bigfoot, and Chris Hayes.