So The Theory Of Impeachment Keeps Shifting (Seems A Little Schiffty, Huh?)

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So the theory of impeachment keeps shifting (seems a little Schiffty huh?)… c’mon, that was quite the knee-slapper, amiright?

‘I am writing to request you suspend all efforts surrounding your ‘impeachment inquiry’ until transparent and equitable rules and procedures are established to govern the inquiry,’ McCarthy, a loyal Trump ally and prominent defender of the president, wrote.

Let’s get this straight – there are no actual criminal allegations against President Trump, so of course the Democrats are broadening their language from an emotional appeal to prolong the process in hopes that everyone sees Trump from the lens of a kindergartner, AKA a poopy-head. Regardless, being someone that others dislike isn’t justifiable grounds for impeachment.

Pelosi responded with a letter of her own, pointing out she has the power to launch an investigation without a vote from the full House.

McCarthy did not suggest what rules should be in place for the impeachment process but accused the speaker of being unfair to President Trump.

McCarthy argued if she said no to his requests Pelosi ‘would be denying the President the bare minimum rights granted to his predecessors.’

The Democrats are encouraging the speed of the impeachment by breeding the conflict for which they are pretending they want to circumvent. Per usual, they are attempting to beat opposition through silencing methods and legal threats.

Pelosi changed the rules to fast track the impeachment to avoid the process in which the Republicans have a chance to question witnesses, otherwise known as cross-examination. It is the American way to have the chance to answer one’s accusers, otherwise it would be one-sided and devoid of basic justice all together. Furthermore, every individual has the right to obtain a lawyer in order to ensure he or she is properly advised under oath in order to accurately and truthfully handle pressure from government officials.

Another GOP lawmaker told The Hill the party doesn’t ‘yet have a coherent response. But I think this is currently like every other Trump ‘scandal’ — it might be embarrassing but it isn’t illegal [or] impeachment worthy.’

Democrats – “There’s a cover-up!!”

Pompeo – “… I was, in fact, on the phone call with Ukraine. Here it is.”


Everyone – “No, really, here are the transcripts. Take them.”

Democrats – “IT’S CLEARLY A COVER-UP!”

Everyone – “…..”

It is absurd how much taxpayer money has gone to a complete witch-hunt (too easy to compare Pelosi to a witch?…Mehh, I’ll let it fly…). All previous ‘investigations’ have been an epic failure and if this pattern continues, I say we call the Democrats on their bluff and charge THEM with obstruction of justice.

Anyone recall the actual impeachable Presidents? If not, I’ll be happy to remind you –

  • Andrew Johnson in 1868
  • Richard Nixon in 1974
  • Bill Clinton (big surprise) in 1998

All three of these previous US presidents had investigations drawn up that justified the issuance of corresponding subpoenas, they were taken to the Supreme Court, the formal articles of impeachment (otherwise known as the charge sheets) define what the individuals were formally accused of and are evaluated accordingly, the judicial committee then votes on the articles and, if approved, are further submitted to the full floor vote to proceed on impeachment. The Constitution necessitates votes on every article shown and the House needs a simple majority to proceed.

Furthermore, the process doesn’t stop at the House decision – passing just one article then leads to the Senate impeachment trial in front of evidentiary committees.

So Pelosi, you and your one-woman show can shove it.

President Trump, regardless if you like him or not, deserves the Due Process he is entitled to, just like the rest of us.

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