A SECOND Whistleblower Has Come Forward

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A second whistleblower has come forward on the subject of President Trump and Ukraine.

This comes amid serious credibility questions regarding the original whistleblower complaint: the whistleblower spoke with Democratic Representative ›Adam Schiff’s office about the complaint before coming forward, and then failed to tell the Inspector General about that communication.  Then there’s this:

Everything seems totally above board here….

And now that the credibility of the first whistleblower is falling apart, a second, potentially better whistleblower is on the case.  Is anyone else getting flashbacks to the Kavanaugh confirmation spectacle?  It was the same thing: once accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s story started falling apart, other accusers were trotted out.  And Ford had similar early, undisclosed contact with a Democratic congressperson (in her case, Senator Diane Feinstein).

According to this, Mark Zaid, the same attorney who represents the first whistleblower, told ABC News that the 2nd one is also an intelligence official and has FIRST HAND knowledge of allegations from the first whistleblower complaint.

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It’s gonna be another fun week in politics.