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WHEN AOC ACTUALLY BECOMES THE ALBERT EINSTEIN OF THE ROOM. Nope, you’re not dreaming. This is our disgusting reality.

Welp, check me into the friggin’ Twilight Zone. Apparently some lunatic of a woman, believes the best way to offset the CO2 levels in the air and save the planet faster, is to eat children – BABIES, to be exact. Whether she is trolling the heck out of this crowd or not, no one bat an eye. Not one single person flinched or questioned her.

Sure does put a whole new twist on the Kids Meal at restaurants, huh? Bad joke.

It’s almost as painful as watching one family member give a completely moronic answer on Family Feud and the rest of the family HAS to support it – because family (throws glitter).

Host – “What would you hate to find in your sandwich?”

Idiotic Family Member – “A TOILET.”

Rest of the Family – “… I mean, that WOULD suck to have a toilet in your sandwich! GOOD ANSWER! GOOD ANSWER!”

Last I checked, there are plenty of other ways to level out the CO2 in the air. Like. Planting trees. You’d need a crap ton of them. BUT I think that would take precedence over killing AND EATING babies…

Not to mention her alternative – bombing Russia. Because, reasons.

So basically the left is, in fact, starting to eat itself… never thought they’d take such a literal approach.

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