Mock Made Something! Plus, Bernie And This Has Been A Week, Y’all.

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Mock made a GIF, y’all.  And she wanted you to see it.

Also, I spoke at my daughter’s elementary school “Career Cafe” yesterday (which was AWESOME – THANK YOU, SWEET KIDDOS!), so I missed the portion of our broadcast when Miri discussed how Bernie had to go to the hospital for heart issues.  We discussed that briefly in today’s video, because this health scare has OBVIOUSLY changed his life.

Just kidding – he’s politicizing it and still talking about MEDICARE FOR AAAAAALLLL.  Because of course he’s doing that.

Also, tomorrow is Q&A day.  So, get your questions ready, because we have a long-a$$ night tonight at a station event, so we’re going to be in rare form tomorrow morning.  Hopefully, we’ll be awake enough to read your comment-questions.

Happy Thursday, everyone!