‘Stone-Cold Liars’

With the non-stop political drama these days, does it ever make you wonder if you’re watching a movie? When I routinely skim my Twitter feed, I often reflect on old Westerns.

You know, the classics where there’s always a Wild West battle between the White Hats and the Black Hats. And because I believe “most people are good,” I tend to believe, undoubtedly, that surely the West was won by White Hats. Then I consider the crony politicians (like Pelosi and BullSchiff) who run California, and I hope the White Hats defeat the Black Hats soon.

IMPORTANTLY, on that point, a disclaimer: there’s ZERO racist connotation in my Western films reference to the color of a hat. Most people understand that with Westerns, White Hats represent truth, and Black Hats represent crimes and lies and hoaxes. But I digress.

Sometimes there are days like today, when I stare at my Twitter screen in amazement, almost as if I’m watching “Alice in a Wonderland of Lies.” Seriously, has everyone seen this by now?

It’s completely sick how this morning, PELOSI DOUBLED DOWN to support Schiff while LYING OUTRIGHT:

These corrupt hacks must believe they have an audience of voters that still believe them.  Is this why Pelosi made her move on lowering the voting age to 16? No offense to the teens out there, I genuinely believe that most 16-year-olds must be smarter than to trust Pelosi at this point. (Even if they’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated and read Teen Vogue.)

As for intelligent adults: are there indeed that many adults walking among us, brainwashed enough to believe these quacks?  Has big tech and media mind control really gained enough control to brainwash people into believing hacks like Pelosi?

While it shocks me to no end, there really still must be anti-trump audiences out there who are stuck in the false narrative bubble. It is like we’re living inside the Orwellian novel, 1984.

To help people wake up, Charlie Kirk asked a few great questions today:

And leave it to Gorka to deliver a slam dunk on the obvious.


I honestly empathize with anyone out there who’s fallen victim to believing the never-ending false narrative trap, set by corrupt political forces.  The TRUTH behind many of these false narratives is going to be nearly impossible for some people to swallow.  They’ll need support from those of us who already can see through the lies, so get ready fam.

Despite the lies and false narratives that hit our screens daily, I believe that the truth will rise and stand, and freedom will reign. #COVFEFE

Meanwhile, as the “Bull-Schiff” media narrative battles continue, the SH*T IS ABOUT TO GET REAL.

UH OH: CNN is now reporting that the whistleblower is a registered Democrat.  YOU DON’T SAY:

Thank goodness for patriots like Stefanik and her rock solid FEMALE CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP.  Here she tells Schiff to step down as Intel Chairman:

/to be continued

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