What Did Schiff Know, And When Did He Know It?

What we’ve learned today about this entire “BullSchiff” episode on the Ukraine WhistleBlower has made me reflect on where we were about a year ago, last October. We were a couple of weeks into Kavanaugh’s hearings when we learned that someone on Feinstein’s team leaked Dr. Ford’s confidential letter to the media.

And now, for the same “Schiff,” different day:

Is it me or are most people starting to wake up to what the corrupt Dems are putting down, one scandal after the next? Similar patterns are used by the Dems to cover up their corruption, and it is becoming evident to anyone who’s paying attention.

I got a kick out of Trump’s twitter feed today — it seems that Trump agrees with many of us about the Democrats and their worthless, total, and complete, BULLSH*T.
Liberals are freaking out about Trump’s BULLSH*T tweet, but I love it. It’s been a long three years coming so I have to admit I’m relishing in all of this, maybe a bit too much.

So back to SchiffGate. First, let’s rewind to the strategic place where MSNBC was Johnny-on-the-spot with Schiff’s story a couple of weeks ago. THE DAY THAT WAS, SEPTEMBER 19, 2019.

Now, let’s fast forward to today’s word from Rep Nunes:

ALSO TODAY, Trump was waving a New York Times article in the air during a presser.
Herein lies that infamous breakthrough NYT article: THE DAY THAT WAS, OCTOBER 2, 2019 and the NYT COVERED SOME HONEST FACTS.

Because I refuse to give too much credit to the NYT, I must also share this from The Federalist.

From the Federalist article: “The new revelations that Schiff and his staff coordinated with the anti-Trump complainant and his colleagues prior to a formal whistleblower complaint also suggest Schiff was less than truthful about his interactions with the whistleblower. On August 28, nearly two weeks before the ICIG formally informed Congress of a pending “urgent concern” whistleblower complaint from an intel operative, Schiff tweeted allegations from the complaint without disclosing their source.

Well, now we know. Schiff lied to the media, and he lied to us. So where does that place the complicit media in the spectrum of BullSchiff?

Again, from The Federalist: “Schiff was in on it, and he lied about it,” a congressional G.O.P. staffer told The Federalist. “This impeachment initiative has as much genuineness as a three dollar bill.”

Well, it’s taken two weeks but I’ve again arrived at the same conclusion I sensed on THE DAY THAT WAS: September 19, 2019. Schiff is full of sh*t, and he’s likely the one who blew the whistle.  Something tells me that we’ll find out about the truth, SOON.

/to be continued….




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