Former AG Eric Holder Tries To Lecture Bill Barr On ‘Appearing Politically Neutral,’ But Fails Miserably

Mr. master of projection, “we go low and kick ’em,” self-proclaimed Obama wingman, Holder — yes, Holder, who pledged his allegiance to Obama — the first and only AG to be held in contempt of Congress is now lecturing AG Barr on how to appear politically neutral.

When was Mr. Wingman, possibly the MOST partisan AG in history, EVER neutral?? How ironic that Holder believes Barr is the one who is politicizing the Department of Justice.

BY. THE. WAY. WTH IS GOING ON AT FOX NEWS? They’ve officially joined the Never Trumper movement by giving the mic to ZERO CREDIBILITY HOLDER. THE MOST CORRUPT ATTORNEY GENERAL IN HISTORY, and nothing more than a corrupt Obama hack who was at the core of weaponizing our justice system. But no, according to Holder, muh-Barr is corrupt, and “paying a price” for spearheading the Russia probe misconduct investigation.

Fox News literally let Holder run his Fast & Furious mouth without a single challenge.  Holder. The same AG who signed the warrant to spy on James Rosen.  James Rosen, one of Fox News’ own, and one of the most ethical journalists ever to live with us here on planet earth, WAS. SPIED. ON. BY. OBAMA’S. WINGMAN.

Why does anyone give a swamp rats ass what Eric Holder thinks about William Barr or anything else for that matter?  Holder pretty much coached the Democrats on the political tool of obstruction of justice. He refused to prosecute or investigate anything to do with Democrats during his time.

Any reasonable human being knows Holder must be worried about the rule of law returning to America under the BARR standard.  Remember “Fast and Furious”?  I’ll say it again: MR. WINGMAN WAS THE FIRST AG HELD IN CONTEMPT of Congress for not surrendering documents on the Fast and Furious scandal. AND OBAMA USED EXECUTIVE PRIVILEDGE to protect his boy.  Holder finally had to resign rather than being found out, ultimately giving us lovely Loretta Lynch.

The real question is, who is more corrupt and inept? Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch? I know one thing for sure: WILLIAM BARR IS DOING HIS JOB. AND HE WILL FIND OUT.

NEVER FORGET this common-sense fact: Democrats will accuse you of what they are currently doing to deflect their own corruption.

Forget Holder’s noise and any media organization that gives him a mic to project his BS. WILLIAM BARR is the AG who will shine light on how, indeed, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.



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