UH OH: New Details Explain Why Obama Has Refused To Endorse His Former VP Joe Biden…. TWICE

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Uh Oh, Trouble in Bromance Paradise:

The ‘bromance’ between the former president and Joe Biden that blossomed when Obama took office in 2008, dissipated in the post-White House years, according to an upcoming book about the pair: Barack and Joe: The Making of an Extraordinary Partnership.

WAIT. Is anyone really surprised that Obama’s gesture to win the peoples’ hearts was his public, openly affectionate, semi-cringe…no, SUPER cringe… and childlike bromance? Which of COURSE has now diluted due to Biden no longer being his meal ticket…  we call this the Friendship Fee.

Obama was nothing but a media darling with the quintessential token white guy.

Hold the phone –  a Dem using someone as a ploy to masquerade as a virtuous façade in front of a crap load of cameras? No… that never happens…

While the two men did develop a strong affection for one another, there were times Biden drove Obama over the edge as the book reveals a younger Obama once rolled his eyes at Biden’s constant babbling, sending a note to his adviser saying: ‘Shoot. Me. Now.’

I’m all for self-deprecating humor and poking fun at friends (because if you don’t insult each other regularly in good spirits, are you even friends?). Hell, I’ll openly call out my friends AND strangers because a turd with a bow on ain’t none-the-prettier. But SHEESH, at least wait until you’re able to say it to his face away from public eye, OBAMA.  Classic douchecanoe move.

Levingston went on to suggest that, “Barack had placed his bet on Hillary, the one he believed would confirm his revolutionary stamp on American’s political culture – the first black president passing the baton to the first woman president.

I scoffed so hard at ‘revolutionary stamp,’ I nearly hocked a loogie.

Welp, I’ll be a canned ham. The dynamic duo of the Obama and Clinton administration are practically one in the same regarding their structure, and thus must be equally self-destructive. Eventually, I’m sure the trash will take itself out.

Biden is better off just being the awkward, uncensored white grandfather at the family barbecue. Obama’s endorsement would be a mortal blow anyways.