Los Angeles Police Department Responds To Reports of Recruitment Ad on Breitbart

The Los Angeles Police Department needs new officers, but never planned to recruit any conservative ones. Good heavens, no! Imagine the shock and surprise of their police chief earlier this week, when an LAPD advertisement ended up on Breitbart.

Police Chief Michel Moore at first wondered, via Twitter, if some malicious trickster had linked his department’s advertisement for new recruits to the conservative news and opinion site.

“No. LAPD did NOT purchase or otherwise acquire ad space on that website.”

It totally had to be an outlandish political prank, right? Not just ordinary, everyday Google demographic targeting. Paranoid much?

The placement of the ad “creates a negative juxtaposition to our core values,” Moore tweet-pouted in response.

Excuse me…how is that, exactly?

According to the LAPD’s official website, those core values include serving the community and protecting the rights of all persons. Conservative values, which include being pro-law-enforcement, do not contradict those ideals.

In another tweet, Moore praised the diversity within LAPD ranks. Again…how is the advertisement that appeared on Breitbart – the one with a female police officer – against this amazing diversity of which you speak, Chief Moore?

The LAPD’s website boldly announces the motto “To Protect and to Serve.” At what point do personal political ideals enter into the oath of a police officer to uphold the law…to protect and to serve? The answer is simple: They do not.

Additionally, the law enforcement code of ethics can be found in the LAPD manual. Give it a close inspection, Chief Moore. Get right up in there. Use a magnifying glass if necessary. Your own departmental code – which you mentioned when disparaging Breitbart in a public forum – states that an officer will never “permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities, or friendships to influence decisions.”

Personal feelings…prejudices…animosities, you say? Hmmm.

Psst. Don’t look now, Chief Moore, but your liberal bias is showing. Moreover, your recent comments are incongruent (or shall we say negatively juxtaposed?) with the core values of your department, as well as that of every other police department in the nation.

Is anyone shocked? Well, let’s check….Moore was sworn in by Mayor Eric Garcetti, who just happens to be a good buddy of Barack Obama…and Moore and Garcetti have teamed up to impede the lawful work of  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, so…nope. Not really.

It is no shock that Moore is distressed to be connected with a conservative news site. The only thing at all surprising is the fact that he feels comfortable enough with his seat in a public office to blatantly spew from it his personal views.

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