35 Months of Impeachment Obsession, But Who’s Counting?

For 35 months, America has watched the far-left media loons breathe, eat, sleep, repeat a Trump Impeachment narrative.

The mainstream media has become a bunch of “corrupt human tornadoes.”* (*All credit for this naming convention goes to Hillary’s recent tweet.) 

Each mainstream media brand jumps from one obsessed-narrative-BOMBSHELL to the next.  They are constantly searching for the “storm” that will surely “take out Trump,” and with each wave of thunder comes the same message. In fact, so resoundingly similar that it is as if they each receive the same mockingbird morning report daily.  Watch this video from NewsBusters:

Here is the full article from NewsBusters.org.

Seriously. What will it take for all Americans to begin questioning the constant anti-Trump media narratives? (And by ALL, I include all the smart and reasonable Democrats that I know are still out there.)

False narratives have also crept into the polls, inaccurately skewing against Trump since before the 2016 election. Here’s a recent poll question from CBS and this one gets me fired up, especially when groups like MoveOn.org grab it and go with misinformation.

I’d like to know what survey sample they’re smoking up next to aid in their next impeachment drive. All you need to do to see how the media have baked their polls is to look again at this seriously flawed poll of beauty from October 18, 2016.

Ironically sometimes, the most ultimate truths about sentiment on Trump are found on liberal twitter feeds and the polls they field to their twitter-universe. This one is quite special and persuades anyone with a brain to question the media push for impeachment. I’m not sure this is the poll that Donna Brazile intended to “pass” to the public via @Jack but THIS. IS. A. HOME. RUN. WITH. BASES. LOADED.

Please tell me media loons: If (more than) 9 in 10 people believe that Donald Trump is a legitimate President, why have you been on a 35-month-daily mission to impeach him?

Maybe it’s Rosie’s influence?

Not so sure about that.  It’s looking like a STAND WITH TRUMP moment except for those “one-percenters” like Rosie.


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