Questioning The Narrative For A Reason


Hi everyone, I’m Liberty. Let me start with a warm hello to all of you incredible COTR fans.  I could not be more thrilled to join the Chicks on their journey into their second decade of awesomeness. It is such an honor to be selected as one of the newest COTR voices. What an exciting time! So, here’s my story:

I spent much of my career in magazine media, and now I’m a freelance research consultant. My husband and I have two amazing daughters, and two yellow labs.  We love family road trips, boating, and cheering for our girls during every volleyball and basketball season. I’m a Colorado native, a University of Colorado Boulder grad, and a passionate out-of-the-closet conservative residing among a swamp of liberals in Colorado.

I’ve been following and cheering on the Chicks as one of their top fans since their launch in 2009. For the past decade I’ve been an Obama-era political research junkie, passionate about calling out the media, and demanding truth and ethical journalism.

Following the Chicks helped me cope during the pre-apocalypse of the 2012 election. Then six years later came the Kavanaugh hearings with mass cultural chaos brought on mainly by the media. It was a turning point for me. Last Fall, I committed to contributing as a social media influencer on my Facebook account.  I frequently focused on the much needed “revolution of truth.” I’m very persistent in calling out the sludge-suckers in media for every scandal they’ve either helped create or cover-up. My mantra is “cover the facts and truth or get out of the way for a new generation of ethical journalism.”

Out of the blue, I had numerous friends approach me privately saying things like, “My husband thinks your Facebook posts are badass,” to, “We love your posts.  Keep them coming!” to, “You should get into politics.” Then, last fall I was blessed to become part of a “Colorado Conservative Chicks” group who are now among my best friends.  One of them, whom I consider my soul sister of inspiration, saw my posts about the Kavanaugh smear with the infamous Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and she told me, “You should write for the Chicks!”

Well, fast forward one year and I jumped at the opportunity to write about my passion!  I could not be more thrilled to be a new contributor for the Chicks on the Right. It’s GO time! I’m grateful for the opportunity and excited to get to know y’all!

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