Pro Tip: If You Want To Pretend To Be A Hate Crime Victim, You Might Want To Check The Security Camera Situation First.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Another day, another fake hate crime.

Thanks, Jussie Smollett.  You’re obviously SUCH a huge inspiration.

According to the sourcelink, a 12 year old black student at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia went on TV last week and cried big giant crocodile tears about how three white 6th grade boys grabbed her, covered her mouth, chopped off her dreadlocks and called her ugly.

BEHOLD her devastation.  And her mother’s outrage:

Horrific, amirite?

It gets better.  Immanuel Christian School just happens to be where Second Lady Karen Pence teaches part-time.

Naturally, there was outrage.  Because of course.  That is, until earlier today, when the head of the school released a statement explaining that Amari had “acknowledged that the allegations were false.”

Police aren’t releasing any statements, what with Amari being a minor and whatnot.

Apparently, security camera footage in the area Amari alleged her attack took place showed absolutely no evidence of an attack.  And her family is now apologizing to the three accused boys.

In a statement, Amari’s family apologized to the three boys and their parents, the school and the community.

“We understand there will be consequences, and we’re prepared to take responsibility for them. We know that it will take time to heal, and we hope and pray that the boys, their families, the school and the broader community will be able to forgive us in time,” the statement said.

The statement from the head of the school includes this absolutely nauseating passage (emphasis mine):

“While we are relieved to hear the truth and bring the events of the past few days to a close, we also feel tremendous pain for the victims and the hurt on both sides of this conflict. We recognize that we now enter what will be a long season of healing. This ordeal has revealed that we as a school family are not immune from the effects of deep racial wounds in our society. We view this incident as an opportunity to be part of a learning and healing process, and we will continue to support the students and families involved.”

See, it’s not Amari’s FAULT that she made a completely false accusation about a racist attack.  Obviously, she can’t help it, what with her school family not being immune from the effects of deep racial wounds and whatnot.  I mean, what else was she supposed to do?  Live her life at her lovely school and study hard and not make up fake racist hate crimes?  PUH-LEEEEZE.

Listen. There’s only one thing that matters at school and at work and in life now.




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