GOP Rep. Chris Collins Resigns Ahead of Expected Guilty Plea


The good news is that with each new day, it seems as if the D.C. Swamp is draining itself.  Today’s story on Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., allegedly engaging in swamp creature activity is unfortunate.

Before I tackle highlights on the Collins’ story, I have to ask: WHY is the mainstream media on a constant hunt to pin everything they can on Trump?

I’ll be the first one to admit that the D.C. Swamp has swamp creatures embedded on both sides of the aisle.  (In the past, I didn’t see that as clearly, but then I woke up to the RINO betrayal of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.)

Let’s face it; under the rule of law, criminal acts are usually not committed based on a person’s tin badge of political party. To the average American citizen, that is clear.

So why can’t the media focus on the crime at hand and present the facts in a non-partisan way?  In this case of Rep. Collins, why does the media even begin to connect Trump to the story?

According to federal court documents filed 9/30/19: Collins’ resigned today and is expected to plead guilty tomorrow/Tuesday to charges relating to insider trading.

Highlights from NBC News: “Collins was charged with insider trading in August 2018 along with his son, Cameron, and Stephen Zarsky, the father of Cameron’s fiancée, according to the indictment.  They have also been charged with lying to the FBI in interviews to cover up the alleged scheme to profit off insider knowledge about a company called Innate Immunotherapeutics.”

“In a news conference following his indictment, Collins said, “I believe I acted properly and within the laws at all times.” “Throughout my tenure in Congress, I have followed all rules and ethical guidelines,” he added.”

“Cameron Collins and Zarsky will also have change of plea hearings Tuesday, and are also likely to change pleas of not guilty to guilty.”

Okay, so if these alleged crimes are real, again – it is VERY UNFORTUNATE.  But I still ask the same question to the biased media. Why are they automatically IN ANY WAY connecting this to President Trump?

Because of course, they do.  Every. Single. Time. According to the Democrat mainstream media, everything is Trump’s fault. And they run with any anti-Trump narrative, for any different reason, every day. This severe bias has become a daily occurrence with the mainstream media.  The “media arm” of the Democrat party has violated my trust so frequently in the past few years I’m not sure they’ll ever be able to gain it back.

This morning, Fox News made a very fair argument that mirrors my same concerns about the constant media bias. Watch this clip from today’s episode of OUTNUMBERED:

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IN SHORT: Yes, swamp creatures exist in both parties, but the biggest swamp to drain is the biased media.

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