Casey Anthony Wants To Be A Mom Again, NYC Sucks (Again), And This Impeachment Stuff Is An Inside Job…

Daisy, Co-Founder

Leave it to our judicial system to have Casey Anthony walking around.  And she’s now quoted as saying that she’s open to having more children.

That’s not terrifying at all.  Nah.

Also, New York City doesn’t like you saying the phrase “illegal alien,” because it’s like SUPER MEAN.  Someone needs to alert Phil Collins and Genesis that STAT:

Also, they don’t want you to tell someone to “SPEAK ENGLISH!” if their English sucks or tell them that you may call ICE.  Because that’s triggering.  And New York City doesn’t have any regard for the First FREAKING AMENDMENT.

Maybe New York City should spend more time trying to smell less like urine and NOT having bed bugs in their five-star hotels.  Just a suggestion.

We also discuss how this impeachment bullcrap is an obvious inside job.  And I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, conservative or liberal.  It should freak you out.  When the deep state is working to take down our president?  Well, ALL OF our freedom is at stake here.

Happy Monday, y’all:

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