Baldwin Is Back As Trump, And It Went About As You’d Expect

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Not gonna lie, I smirked a little, if only at the ridiculousness of some of the impersonations.

By the way, apparently we’re all supposed to be really grateful to Alec Baldwin for his portrayal of Trump. According to that sourcelink, Baldwin doesn’t like playing Trump, and doesn’t want to do it anymore, going so far as to say that when he’s in his dressing room sometimes, he wishes a meteor would hit the building and kill him.

He actually said that.

But because fans apparently love it, he’s going to keep doing it, because “they need it to manage their pain.”

Ah yes.  How could SJWs live without their Trump impersonations, I ask you?  What better way to “manage their pain” than Alec Baldwin on SNL?

Remember when Obama became president and we were all disappointed but then went on with our lives without trying to have him impeached every 37 seconds?

Good times.

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