USC Claims A Lack Of Funding Prevents Them From Teaching Constitution Course. But Anime Writing Is Available.

Mockarena, Co-Founder


According to the sourcelink, the University of South Carolina is required by state mandate to offer a course on the Constitution. I don’t know about y’all, but I think that’s great. EVERY PERSON who gets a college degree should have a basic course on the fundamentals of our country’s founding under their belt. USC apparently believes this requirement is “archaic” and has asked repeatedly for lawmakers to revise the law. Because we can’t have students understanding the Constitution, now can we? THAT JUST WOULDN’T DO AT ALL.

And they’re simply not offering a Constitution class anymore. They’re just happily violating their state law, citing “funding concerns.”


Students are able to take a class called, “Media Writing Advanced: Manga and Anime” – but there is no course offered on our founding documents. Other available classes include The Anthropology of Alcohol, Superheroes Across Media, Tailgating 101, Superbowl Commercials, Latin Erotic Poetry, and The Business Of NASCAR, among others. But the Constitution? Sorry, kids. Not enough FUNDING for that one.

The South Carolina College Republican Chair, Will Galloway, spoke to Campus Reform about this, and said, “As a state-funded school, it’s imperative that the University of South Carolina be in compliance with state law, including the provision requiring a class on the Constitution. Teaching the constitution, Federalist Papers, and America’s founding documents—as well as thinkers such as Locke, Hobbes, Montesquieu, and Cicero—is critical for the broad intellectual development of university students.”

He’s absolutely right.

Apparently, USC hasn’t responded to requests for comment about this. But to cite “funding” as the reason? PUH-LEEEEEEASE.

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