NYT Reporter Behind Kavanaugh Hit Piece Now Blames Fox News For Scandal

Ashley (Kimber)

The New York Times has been absolutely brutalized after new accusations published against Justice Brett Kavanaugh proved to be little more than a tabloid hit piece.

The once-respected newspaper was forced to publish a “correction,” stating that the alleged victim of the reported crimes had absolutely no recollection of the events in question, meaning the ONLY source of this information was clearly politically motivated.

It’s a scandal, to be sure, and the latest blow to the publication’s credibility.

Of course, those responsible for this mess aren’t taking accountability for it. No, not at all. They’re blaming Fox News.

Vox came in with the spin:



Even worse, Robin Pogrebin, the “journalist” who wrote the piece, latched on for dear life:


YES! This is CLEARLY Fox New’s fault for…for…um… FOR CALLING THEM OUT!

SO RUDE! How dare they!

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