Portland Sports Fans Boo US Armed Forces Enlistees As They Swore In On 9/11

Ashley (Kimber)

U.S. Armed Forces enlistees swore in before droves of National Women’s Soccer League fans in Portland on 9/11.

What should have been a special, respectful moment quickly turned into the exact opposite.

Note that the “boos” were SIGNIFICANTLY louder than the cheers at the end.

I suppose we should have known that crowd may be less than welcoming.

According to Fox News:

Fans at a National Women’s Soccer League game rained down boos during a U.S. Armed Forces swearing-in ceremony Wednesday after the enlistees were asked to pledge they would obey the orders of President Trump.

The ceremony took place at Providence Park in Portland, Ore., while the Portland Thorns were facing the North Carolina Courage. The event was scheduled ahead of the 2019 season when the club discovered it would be playing on Sept. 11, according to The Oregonian.

The crowd applauded the group after it took the Oath of Enlistment but booed when the enlistees were asked to “obey the orders of the President of the United States.”

Is it really THAT hard to keep your HATE to yourselves for just a minute?

And on 9/11. I mean COME ON. For crying out LOUD.

This doesn’t reflect poorly on the President… it reflects poorly on these brats who had to make an important moment in these enlistees’ lives about THEIR hate.

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