AOC Cries ‘RACISM!’ At New Faces GOP Ad – Completely Missing The Point

Ashley (Kimber)

Last night, ABC ran an ad for “New Faces GOP” that apparently has the Left up in arms.

What was it about?

The dangers of Socialism:

Powerful stuff, to be sure.

But is it powerful enough to shake Alexandria Ocasio Cortez out of her delusional stupor?


On what planet is the point of this ad “to convince people they aren’t racist?”

The ad is an ASIAN woman talking about SOCIALISM. W

The point of this ad is to make people realize Socialism is a PIPE DREAM – the REASON Elizabeth Heng even brought up her own race is because she KNEW AOC would somehow say this was aaaall a product of White Supremacy.

…and she was right:


Dear GOD. This chick can ONLY think it terms of “RACIST! RACIST! RAAACIIIIIST!” Does she literally have nothing else to say?

The short answer? Duh.