We Have Horrible Terrible Awful News To Share WIth You: Part Two.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Perhaps you recall our horrible terrible awful news from a few months ago.  Unfortunately, we find ourselves in the same predicament, and regret to inform y’all that Ashley will be leaving us at the end of this month.

Ashley brought a unique background to the table when she joined us almost exactly three years ago, in that she is half Mexican and spent a good part of her childhood growing up in Mexico.   She was also a liberal, and converted to the right side of the aisle after some serious questioning and research.  She’s brought a hilarious voice to the COTR brand, and her posts have often left me legit laughing out loud.   Daisy and I adored her from the moment we first met her at Champps in downtown Indianapolis, and knew she was a perfect fit.  It took some convincing, because Ashley was nervous about being more vocal about her conservatism.  And honestly, she was right to be nervous.  She lost friends in the process, she’s been sideways with family members – and as we discussed in our recent podcast with Sebastian Gorka, coming out as conservative is harder than coming out as gay these days.

But Ashley took a risk, and perhaps we shouldn’t speak for her, but we like to think she’d say it was worth it.  In the process of becoming a Chick on the Right, Ashley found the Daisy to her Mock.  She and Hannah (who we miss like crazy!) were instant BFFs, and even though it’s a long distance friendship, it’s an unbreakable one – one that we’re proud to have played a role in cultivating.

When we told you about Hannah leaving a few months ago, we explained that the shadowbanning and suppression we’ve faced by Facebook due to their constantly changing algorithms had drastically reduced our reach and traffic to the point where we could no longer afford to pay two full time writers.  Nothing about that suppression has changed, and while (so far) it’s not WORSE, it still is bad enough that we simply aren’t hitting targets that allow us to pay the same kind of money we were able to pay in better times.

That, combined with the fact that Ashley is now married and a new homeowner, means that her priorities have had to shift.  Ashley will be working for her husband’s new law practice full time.

We’ve been very lucky in that Rachel and Erin, our weekend interns, have done a remarkable job adding great content to our website, and they’ve agreed to pitch in more during the week as well.  We’ll also be on the hunt (again!) for 2-3 additional interns (unpaid for now) who are interested in getting to know our community, helping support the brand, and becoming new Chicklets!  If you know someone, or ARE someone, who’d love a chance to write for COTR, send an email to chicksontherightrule at gmail dot com with details about your background and tell us why you’d be a good Chicklet intern.  It’s a unique opportunity to gain experience in alternative media with a nationally recognized brand! If you have experience with WordPress that’s a plus, but we’re willing to train the right person.

We continue to feel just incredibly grateful and indebted to those of you who come visit the site daily, who comment regularly, and who are truly part of the COTR community.  We’re still wishing we could figure out a way to clone all y’all. As we approach our 11th year anniversary, we want you to know we’re here for the long haul, no matter what algorithms FB throws at us next.   You can always find me and Daisy on the airwaves between 9-11am ET via WIBC.  You can also check out our weekly podcast (The Mock and Daisy Common Sense Cast) at all of these platforms.  And, of course, we’re on all the social media platforms as well, even though, as Daisy would put it, they are mostly part of the circles of hell.

Like I said when we had to break the news about Hannah’s departure, Ashley’s always gonna be a Chick on the Right, whether she’s writing for us or not.  I feel confident that she’ll be checking in with y’all from time to time in the comments when she’s not doing important lawyer-y stuff for her husband, and who knows, maybe we’ll be able to coax her into writing here and there when our interns are sick and tired of us sending them story ideas. 🙂

Ashley’ll be here through the end of the month, and will definitely post some final thoughts as she leaves to start the next chapter of her career.   We know y’all will join us in wishing her well!