I. Am. In. A. Rage. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Trial Date Has Been Set.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

WTF is wrong with our justice system that EIGHTEEN FREAKING YEARS after 9/11, we’re only now getting a court date for the mastermind behind it?

Come to think of it, why wasn’t this guy simply shot the second he was captured?

In case you hadn’t heard, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of the worst Islamic terror attacks on American soil, hasn’t been tried yet. He, along with four other dudes charged with terrorism and the murder of 3000 people, will be tried, in a military courtroom at Gitmo, on January 11 of 2021.

I cannot even believe that this is a thing our country has allowed to drag on this long. WTF.

According to the sourcelink, “If found guilty, the group all face the death penalty.” REALLY? IF FOUND GUILTY?  Is this a f*cking joke?

Look.  I get that we have due process and rights.  WE DO.  Not f*cking terrorists.  The fact that we’ve allowed this monster and his cohorts to just sit around watching TV and working out and reading their Korans on our dime for almost 20 years makes me want to vomit.

Apparently, attempts to finally prosecute Mohammed and his terror pals have been “mired in delays” because our process has been idiotic and included such things as Obama trying to move the trial to FREAKING NEW YORK (a decision that was mercifully reversed), and in general impeding the entire process by suspending the war court so he could add in more protections for due process.

And you wanna hear the real kicker?  Lawyers for the terror squad are trying to get the use of their OWN CONFESSIONS barred from use during the trial.  Why?  Because the interrogations were mean.

I’m not even making this up.

There is plenty of evidence beyond the confessions to make sure these five men fry.  I just cannot believe it’ll have taken 20 years to make that happen.  Can you imagine being one of their lawyers?  Can you imagine knowing that it’s YOUR PERSONAL FAULT that the families of the victims of 9/11 are still waiting for justice for the mastermind of the attack?

There are rumors, too, that in the end, Mohammed will simply fire his lawyers and represent himself, so that he can create a giant international spectacle and further stick a finger into the eye of America.

This is just madness.  And what’s worse is that it’s unlikely he’ll actually get the death penalty – instead, he’ll live out his days at Gitmo on our dime.

On a day that we should be solemnly remembering the lives lost 18 years ago, I hate that we have to sit with the realization that some of the very people responsible for the loss of those lives are sitting back and laughing at us, mocking our pain, and using our own sense of justice and goodness to their benefit.


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