Bernie Sanders Remembers 9/11 By Chastising America For ‘Blowing Things Up’

Ashley (Kimber)

Today, many of us remember the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and those we lost.

Bernie Sanders joined in:

Ok… First sentence was fine. But where is this going?

Wow. Ok. So he’s going to go with the “America sucks” routine. Good timing, bud.

Kind of rich to hear a Leftist say we should “focus on those who attacked us” when I’m pretty sure saying ‘RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST’ gets you put on their blacklist.

“U.S. power should be measured not by our ability to blow things up.”

Yup. This, on the anniversary of the day 3,000 people were, quite literally, blown up.

He can’t just remember the lives lost without pushing his political view that America is always the “bad guy.”

Way to show some class, Bernie.

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