Marianne Williamson Gets An ‘Interesting’ Celebrity Endorsement

Ashley (Kimber)

Marianne Williamson’s biggest challenge may be proving to everyone that she’s SANE.

No small feat, given the fact that she recently had to delete a tweet proclaiming we could simply divert hurricanes using the power of our MINDS. (People who have died or lost their homes clearly weren’t thinking hard enough.)

Well, Marianne has a new celebrity endorsement!

It’s Russell Brand! Best known for being in a few movies, marrying Katy Perry for like a week, and having a british accent. (As in, he’s not American. But he knows who Americans should vote for.)

Ooookay, then.

This really isn’t helping, Marianne.

An endorsement from a foreign druggy actor may not be the best way to prove she’s not a nutjob.

PS: did this guy age like 20 years in the past 5? Russell’s looking beat.